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I’m In Medical School And Engaged. Should I Get A Prenuptial Agreement Before I Get Married In Queens?

People who are pursuing advanced degrees or professional licenses (or both) should strongly consider getting a prenuptial agreement before they get married in Queens.

Under New York law, a degree or license that you obtain during the marriage is considered marital property.
This means in the event of a divorce, your spouse will be entitled to a much higher share of your potential earnings.

You should also consider your professional future when it comes to a prenuptial agreement.

If you think you might go into private practice and operate your own business, you’ll want terms that reflect your ownership and keep your patients and staff secure in the event of divorce.

It can be difficult to raise the issue of a prenup with your fiance, but with so much at stake, it can be worthwhile to have the conversation.

A prenup can and should protect both parties in case of divorce, and the attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you get the security you need as you follow your dreams.

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