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Will My Belongings Be Safe In My House After I File For Divorce In Queens?

Filing for divorce in Queens opens up a period of great uncertainty for most people.
Whether you are still living in your marital residence or not, there’s no feasible way for you to be present at all times to monitor your home and make sure your spouse isn’t throwing your belongings into the yard or otherwise disposing of your things.

As a matter of law, your property should be safe in your home.

At the time of filing, the judge will issue a series of automatic orders that are designed to preserve the status quo in terms of finances, property, health and life insurance, and other relevant issues.

In practice, it isn’t at all unusual for a spouse to act out and damage, destroy, or discard property that may be valuable or important.

You should take appropriate steps to protect what’s yours, and seek compensation or action from your judge when matters get out of hand.

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