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Can I Sell My Separate Property During A Divorce In Queens?

Be very cautious in how you approach selling, transferring, or disposing of property once you’re in a divorce action.

At the time of filing, a series of automatic orders were issued by the judge, which were intended to maintain the status quo of the marriage on the day of filing for the purposes of establishing property ownership, necessary appraisals, and developing an equitable distribution of assets and liabilities between the spouses.

While you may know that a given item is separate property and wish to sell it, you are strongly advised to wait.

If your spouse makes a claim to the property itself and you’ve sold it, you can face sanctions from the court.

If you sell the property and collect a windfall while the divorce is ongoing, you may face a steeper settlement than you otherwise would.

Managing your affairs during a divorce is complicated, and the pitfalls of inopportune actions make experienced legal help a must.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can save you money and frustration as you go through your divorce, and help you win the best settlement possible.

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