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How Do I Get Health Insurance After My Divorce In Queens?

Health insurance is an enduring concern in the United States, and for people in Queens facing divorce, concerns about their ability to pay for insurance afterwards can be stressful.

While most Americans continue to get health insurance through their employers, those in retail and service sector jobs or those who are self-employed may not have that luxury.

There are options, and regardless of the date your divorce is finalized, you are eligible for enrollment in a private plan through New York’s health insurance marketplace.

For lower income people and those with children, Medicaid may be a good choice.

To get the best result out of your divorce, you should work with an experienced Queens divorce lawyer.

In many cases, your settlement can include health insurance benefits for a period of months or years after the divorce is final.

If you have special needs, children, or other relevant issues to be addressed, your attorney can make sure that all avenues are explored.

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