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How Often Will I Have To Be In Court For My Divorce In Queens?

Most people wonder how many court appearances they’ll have to make as part of their divorce in Queens, and the good news is that under ideal circumstances – an uncontested divorce where the parties have already resolved the relevant issues – you’ll probably never have to walk into the courthouse.

As divorces get more complicated and less friendly, your odds of having to appear, or having to appear again, go up considerably.

Most people seem to agree that the best divorce is one that can be negotiated between the parties and resolved relatively quickly.

Not everyone has that kind of relationship with their spouse at the end of a marriage though.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino work diligently to arrive at negotiated solutions that protect our clients’ best interests, but when a divorce ends up litigated in front of a judge, we are vigorous advocates for our clients’ rights.

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