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How Common Is It To Appeal A Child Custody Decision In Queens?

Appeals in any area of law are relatively uncommon, and that’s true of child custody as well.

Appeals are allowed only in very narrow legal circumstances, such as when there has been an error in fact or in the interpretation of relevant law, and judges have strong incentives not to make these types of errors.

That said, mistakes happen, but for any hope of an appeal of a child custody ruling in Queens, you have to act promptly.

Deadlines to pursue objections are firm, and your case needs to be ready for review quickly.

The appeals process is not like the family or divorce court process, and it’s important that you work with experienced Queens attorneys to see that your matter receives the consideration it deserves.

If you believe you’ve been given a ruling not based in proper facts or law, contact the attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino right away.

Our experienced team of litigators can evaluate your case and help strategize the right next steps with you.

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