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How Do I Get My Name Off The Mortgage If My Spouse Can’t Refi In Our Queens Divorce?

Because of tightened lending standards since the Great Recession, it’s more and more common to find situations where one spouse wishes to retain the marital home but can’t get approval to refinance the home into their name.

When this happens in your divorce, you both have some choices to make.

The most obvious option is to sell the home and split the profits, but not all homes can be sold for a profit.

There are creative approaches some couples are able to make work when they can’t sell or refinance a home.

One is to use it as a rental property, splitting the costs and profits.

This really only works if you and your spouse can work constructively together.

If you can’t, then a short sale may be feasible, where the bank allows you to sell the home for less than the balance of the mortgage.

This can damage your credit, but divorce often causes a credit hit.

Every situation is unique, and your circumstances may allow for still more options.

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