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Do Women Always Get The Kids In A Divorce In Queens?

No, the mother of the children in a divorce does not always get custody in a divorce in Queens.

While courts used to prioritize the bond between mother and children, parenting today is very different, as is the legal situation that fathers face when they wish to be the custodial parents to their children.
Today, custody decisions are made not based on the feelings of the parents, but with the best interests of the children in mind.

The judge in your case will wish to preserve a stable home for your children, taking into consideration things like which parent is the main caregiver to the children, whether both parents can provide safe and loving homes, and which parent is best suited to support the emotional, educational, and disciplinary needs of the children.

Most custody cases in Queens are resolved by the parents themselves, and result in an agreement where parenting responsibilities are shared between them.

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