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Can I Get Divorced In Queens If My Spouse Refuses To Hire A Lawyer?

Yes, you can get divorced in Queens whether or not your spouse hires a lawyer, and even in cases where your spouse refuses to participate in the process.

Under a series of reforms enacted by the New York legislature in 2010, people can now divorce unilaterally, whether or not there was a fault on one spouse’s part, and without the consent of their spouse.

Your spouse will have to be notified of the action against them and given time to respond, if they wish.

In most cases, your spouse will respond to the action, either through a lawyer or personally.

While you may end up with a better settlement if your spouse chooses to be unrepresented, an unrepresented spouse may also present you with frustrating delays.

Your best course of action is to work with a lawyer and move your case forward. Hopefully, your spouse will catch up.

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