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How Can I Make Sure My Child Support Payments Are Being Spent On My Kids In Queens?

Truthfully, there’s no way to audit your former spouse’s spending to ensure that every penny of your payments is spent on child-related things.

Further, the court has a very broad view of what those things may be.

No judge in New York will ask your child’s other parent to account for whether a given grocery item was purchased with child support money.

On the one hand, you have to trust that the recipient of child support will use it wisely to provide for your children.

On the other hand, if you see evidence that your children are not being properly cared for, it is appropriate to use the legal process to learn more.

If your ex isn’t living up to the terms of a custody agreement, or is displaying signs of being unfit as a parent, you may have grounds to pursue a significant change to your existing agreement.

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