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Is My Spouse Required To Pay For My Lawyer If I Divorce In Queens?

In many divorces in Queens, the spouse who earns more money will be ordered to pay some or all of the lower-earning spouse’s legal fees.

It’s a fairly routine part of the divorce process, but it’s also something you can’t get if you don’t ask for.

If you’re considering divorcing in Queens and aren’t the household’s breadwinner, you should sit down with an experienced divorce lawyer and talk through your situation and circumstances.

There may be more resources than you realize that are applicable to your case.

Many law firms make a point of offering free initial consultations so you have a chance to ‘interview’ a prospective attorney and get a feel for how your case might go.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we make sure that every prospective client has access to the best legal advice available in Queens.

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