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If I Owned Our Home Before I Was Married, To What Is My Spouse Entitled?

You and your spouse are both entitled to an equitable distribution of marital assets and debts.

In situations where a married couple buys a home together, the house can be considered a marital asset, but in your situation, it sounds like it was an asset you brought into the marriage and would be considered a separate asset.

As to what your spouse is entitled to, there are various considerations applied in deciding how physical and financial properties, as well as spousal maintenance are calculated.

For instance, how old are you both and are you both healthy? Were you married decades or just a few years? Did one of you leave the workforce or change to a less demanding job in the interest of raising children? What are both of your current earnings, and what are both of your future earnings likely to be?

You and your spouse are both entitled to a fair distribution of the items and assets you’ve acquired together.

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