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How Long Will My Divorce Take?

It’s impossible to give an estimate of how long any particular divorce will take without some basic information, but in general, you should anticipate that your divorce will take a matter of months, and if issues are thorny and you and your spouse are unable to negotiate with one another, the timeframe can stretch into years.

In an uncontested divorce in New York, you and your spouse may settle the issues required to get a divorce relatively quickly, but you are still at the mercy of the pace of the courts, which may take several additional months to finally send you your final judgment, which officially ends your marriage.

In a contested action, you may be in for months of depositions, hearings, and a protracted flurry of motions that you never anticipated.

Eventually, if you and your spouse can’t find common ground, the court will schedule a trial. These situations are rarely helpful for either spouse in the long term.

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