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How Long Must A Married Gay Couple Live In New York Before They Can Divorce Here?

Matrimonial law for same-sex couples is evolving fast in the United States, but not all states allow married gay couples to divorce.

If you and your spouse are considering moving to New York to divorce, one or both of you will have to live here for one consecutive year before you can file.

Once you file, the process and issues for your divorce will be identical to those of any other, and upon receiving your final judgment, you will a single New Yorker and eligible to remarry in the state. You can remain here or move home.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino work with same-sex couples facing matrimonial, divorce, and family law issues all the time. For a free consultation with an experienced, informed New York divorce attorney, call 718-523-1111 today.