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My Spouse Emptied Our Joint Savings Account The Day Before Filing. Can Judges In Queens Make Sure I Get My Share Of The Balance That Was There?

It’s very likely that if you can show that your spouse emptied a jointly held account without your permission, the court will insist that your share of the funds be returned to you.

The difficulty for you is that you know you’re dealing with a spouse who is willing to steal from you, which means that the job of properly negotiating a divorce agreement is harder.

The level of scrutiny required when it comes to examining disclosures from the other side must necessarily be much higher.

It’s imperative to watch for incomplete filings and other evidence of hidden assets and other tools commonly used to improperly shield an individual from their obligations in a divorce proceeding.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino handle divorces like this all the time, and we can protect you.

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