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How Can I Recoup Money In A Queens Divorce That My Spouse Spent On Affairs?

When a spouse has used marital funds to pay for gifts, travel, hotels, or other incidentals during adulterous relationships, courts view this as a misuse of money and will expect your spouse to reimburse the marriage for those wasted funds.

This usually works out as an expanded settlement for the spouse who was cheated on, but it’s important to use the discovery phase of your divorce to identify and quantify the amount in question.

Finding records of purchases like jewelry, airline tickets, or other high value items is the best way to demonstrate that funds have been misappropriated and need to be repaid.

Experienced divorce attorneys know how to look for these types of expenses and what questions to ask when suspicious purchases are identified.

If your spouse stole from your marriage, regardless of what grounds you file under, capable attorneys can ensure you recover what you’ve lost.

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