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Can Our Adult Son Serve My Spouse The Divorce Papers In Queens?

Yes, if your son is over the age of 18, he is legally permitted to provide service to your spouse, but there are many reasons why you should strongly consider using a process server instead.

First, whatever the specifics of your marriage and divorce, your children, even as adults, shouldn’t be forced into the position of taking sides.

Often, a spouse’s misbehavior creates intense animosity within the family, and your son may even want to serve the papers as a show of solidarity with you.

But later, when emotions have cooled, you may find that your son wishes he’d taken a more measured approach in dealing with his other parent.

Professional process servers are not expensive, and they create a neutral third party who can reliably deliver the papers to your spouse and keep your family members, and their lifelong relationships with your spouse, out of the picture.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can ensure that your papers are served properly, and your family dynamics are protected for the future.

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