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Under What Conditions Can I Stop Paying Child Support In Queens Before My Child Turns 21?

There are a few situations under which you will be allowed to ask a court for an end to your child custody payments, but make sure you have a court order in hand before you stop paying, even if your child has already taken one of these steps.

You are not free of your support obligation until a judge says so, and there are consequences for falling behind on payments.

First, if your child joins the military, Peace Corps, or similar entity where they are employed and living away from home, your obligation will end.

Young adults who make these choices are considered independent, and any financial help they request from you is voluntary on your part.

Similarly, if your child marries and moves in with a spouse before they turn 21, they will be considered independent.

There may be other situations where your support obligation will end before your child turns 21.

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