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Who Gets The Dog In Our Divorce In Queens?

Increasingly, as couples consider divorce and the issues relevant to them in their marriages, one of the big questions they face is, “Who gets the dog?” For many people in Queens, a beloved dog, cat, or other pet provides a similar type of emotional bond that one might share with a child, creating a relationship that allows for nurturing, caregiving, and mutual affection.

Unfortunately, New York law doesn’t offer much guidance on pet custody issues in a divorce.

So when you and your spouse are having conflict over who gets the dog in your Queens divorce, it’s vital that you take time to talk the issue through.

How a judge might rule is anyone’s guess, and you’re likely going to be happier if you can come to an agreement between yourselves.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino know how important your canine or feline companion is, and can help you negotiate with your spouse for an outcome you can both live with.

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