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What Does “No-Fault” Mean In A Queens divorce?

New York was the last state in the country that required a showing of fault in order to allow divorce, but in 2010, significant reforms led to the creation of the Irretrievable Breakdown grounds, which allows couple to divorce without showing misconduct.

No-fault divorce means that couples in Queens can end their marriage without building legal cases showing adultery, abandonment, inhumane treatment, or other behavior-based problems in the marriage, instead allowing couples who’ve fallen out of love to divorce without fraud and, if possible, without undue animosity.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we help clients have sane, simple, no-fault divorces whenever possible.

Many couples don’t want to spend the next year in court arguing over minutia, and we facilitate effective negotiation to resolve the issues of your divorce.

When that fails, we are experienced litigators who fight for our clients in court.

Call our experienced Queens no-fault divorce lawyers at 718-523-1111 today for a free consultation.