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What’s An Order To Show Cause And What Does It Mean For My Queens Divorce?

An order to show cause is an emergency request to the court for relief in any number of areas.

These can include requests for sole occupancy of a home, injunctions on financial accounts, immediate orders for custody, restraining orders, payment of spousal and child support, and more.

If you’ve been served with an order to show cause as part of a divorce action, you should act quickly to meet with an attorney who can argue your side and protect your interests in the divorce.

Beginning a divorce with an order to show cause is a strong indicator that you’ll have a messy divorce ahead of you, and an experienced Queens divorce attorney is your best choice for ending the process with a settlement you can live with.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we protect our clients zealously, to the full limits of the law.

Count on us to push back against aggressive legal maneuvers and safeguard your rights and property.

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