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How Do I Find Out If My Spouse Has Already Filed For Divorce In Queens?

If you suspect your spouse has filed for divorce but you have not been served, you can contact the County Clerk’s office to learn whether an action against you has been filed.
Filed For Divorce
People who filed for divorce in Queens have 120 days to serve papers, so lack of service doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of pending action.

When a marriage has eroded to the point that you believe your spouse has filed without telling you, you should seek capable legal guidance to determine what your next steps should be.

Your Spouse Filed For Divorce, What Next?

You may choose to file and commence service on your own, putting an end to the stalemate, and move forward with the divorce.

Counsel is especially recommended if you believe your divorce will be contested, that is, where you and your spouse can’t agree on important issues related to property, financial arrangements, and child custody. In contested actions, an experienced Queens divorce lawyer can make a huge difference in the settlement agreement that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars or more down the road.

If You Believe Your Spouse Has Filed Divorce, Contact An Experienced Divorce Attorney In Queens

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The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you find out if your spouse has already filed for divorce, and get the best settlement possible for you.