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Our House Is My Separate Asset But My Spouse Wants A Payout For Its Appreciation In Queens. Can They Do That?

There are instances where your spouse can get a payout based on the appreciation of a home that is a separate asset, but it’s not especially common.
Separate Asset
For instance, if your spouse put a lot of money into renovations that significantly changed the value of the home, that may be grounds for compensation for some of the appreciation in value.

If you simply lived in the home together, split the mortgage payments, and each contributed to upkeep, it’s highly unlikely that a judge will agree that your spouse has a claim on appreciation.

Every divorce is different, and every judge is different.

How To Determine Whether Your Spouse Is Owed For Your Homes Appreciation

It’s important to present a clear, evidence based picture to the court for why your spouse’s claim is spurious, and ensure that there are no questions about who is owed what.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino have been protecting the value of our clients’ assets in Queens for years, and we can help you make sure you pay no more than you absolutely have to in your divorce action.

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