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Do We Need To Account For Separate Property After A Long Marriage In Queens?

At the conclusion of a long marriage, you may feel that there’s little that can definitively worked out as “mine” or “yours,” but in reality, there are a number of assets and even cash that may be the separate property of one spouse.

For instance, if a cash inheritance was left to one spouse and deposited into a separate checking or savings account, the value of the inheritance is most likely a separate asset.

On the other hand, a cash inheritance the was deposited into a joint account may be considered a marital asset by the court.

Separate Property
The best way to ensure that there is a fair accounting of assets and wealth after a long marriage is to work with experienced Queens divorce attorneys who know how to properly assign items, appraise their value, and develop a fair framework to equitably distribute marital property.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help protect your separate property in your Queens divorce.

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