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I Earn More, But Not A Lot More. What Are The Risks I’ll Be Stuck With My Spouse’s Legal Fees In Our Queens Divorce?

When a couple with different earning power divorces in Queens, there’s always the chance that the lower earning spouse will ask the court to assign their legal fees to the higher earning spouse.

When their incomes are very different, this is usually seen as a reasonable request, but when their incomes are relatively similar, the calculation changes.
Legal Fees

First, understand that there is no formula that judges are required to adhere to when determining income values when it comes to legal fees.

The judge could decide that your earning power is significant enough to warrant full payment, partial payment, or none of your spouse’s legal costs.

Your lawyer should be prepared to show why assigning these costs to you will represent a significant financial hardship that is more appropriately left with your spouse.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, our top priority is to protect our clients from unfair financial penalties levied on them during a divorce.

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