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How Do We Establish A Fair Agreement On Claiming Our Children As Dependents On Our Taxes In Queens?

Couples approach this issue in a variety of ways when they divorce in Queens.

One of the most common is to create an agreement that stipulates that Parent A claims the children as a deduction in even filing years, and Parent B claims the children as a deduction in odd filing years.

This way, both parents have access to the associated tax deductions in an equal way over the years.

If your child is old enough that this won’t work out fairly, or you have unusual tax situations, you may need help identifying the best way to include your dependents on your filings.

Figuring out the financial particulars, especially when child custody and support issues are in play, can be a complicated and emotionally difficult process.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you negotiate productively with your spouse to arrive at the most advantageous settlement.

We are also experienced litigators who can protect your interests in court if negotiations fail.

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