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I’m The Plaintiff And My Spouse Counter-Claimed In Queens. What If I Want To Reconcile Now?

When one party decides to reconcile during a divorce in Queens, there are two things that could happen.

First, if your spouse is also interested in reconciling, you can both stipulate to a withdrawal of the action.

This will leave you married, and allow you to refile later if things don’t work out.

The second thing that can happen, because your spouse counter-claimed, is that they can proceed with the divorce even if you have a change of heart.

It’s important that you proceed very carefully when you broach the subject of reconciliation, because negotiations can be delicate and both sides may be very low on trust.

It’s absolutely okay to reconcile with your spouse during a divorce, and if you both want to try again, you should.

Just understand that keeping your attorneys in the loop can help protect you until all the appropriate legal activity has been handled.

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