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Can Same-Sex Couples In Queens Create A Prenuptial Agreement Before Marrying?

Yes, same-sex couples in Queens can and do create a prenuptial agreement to protect each spouse before they marry.

Prenuptial agreements are one of the best ways for couples to ensure that in the event that the marriage doesn’t work, both will retain the things they value most, and a future divorce won’t turn ugly.

In addition, by laying out ground rules before the wedding, each partner has the opportunity to really consider the material elements of what it is to be married and to plan for their future.

Because gay marriage is a relatively new matter, and certain aspects of gay matrimonial law continue to evolve in New York, a prenuptial agreement is one of the smartest ways for same-sex couples to protect their interests.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino stay up to date with the shifting landscape of marriage laws as they apply to gay couples in New York and around the country.

We can help you create a fair, enforceable prenuptial agreement.

Call us today at 718-523-1111 for a free consultation with an experienced prenuptial agreement attorney in Queens.


Prenuptial Agreement