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How Should We Get Divorced If We Split Up Years Ago But Never Made It Official In Queens?

It’s more common than most people realize for a married couple to split up but see no need to expend the time or resources to actually get divorced.

Sometimes the couples lose track of each other, but others remain friends and may share resources like health insurance and are comfortable with the arrangement.

For many of these couples though, their lives may change and finally getting a legal divorce becomes necessary.

When this happens, you’ll proceed like any other couple.

One will file, the other will be served the papers (it’s helpful if this has been talked through), and the action will advance as either a contested or uncontested action.

If your divorce is uncontested, you’ll most likely receive your judgment of divorce some weeks later and never need to step into a courtroom.

An experienced Queens divorce attorney can make the process quick and painless for you, while ensuring that you only sign documents that reflect your best interest.

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