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What Happens If We Can’t Agree On A Child Custody Plan In Our Queens Divorce?

Child custody is a common flashpoint for disagreement in a divorce, even though the terms offered by the two sides may not be that far apart.

When couples in Queens can’t agree on a plan for child custody, the matter will end up before your judge, who will hold hearings, listen to evidence, and ultimately rule on which parent will have legal and physical custody.

In most cases, the judge will see to it that both parents have the ability to play a role in raising their children, but the terms the judge hands down may not be to your liking.

In general, judges don’t approve when parents can’t seem to stop fighting and put the wellbeing of their children first.

Child custody negotiations are one of the strengths for the attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, because we know how important this issue is for parents.

Whether you need to pursue full custody and build a case for that or just need help developing a workable custody and visitation plan with your spouse, we can help.

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