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Are Prenuptial Agreements Reliable, Or Do Judges In Queens Throw Them Out A Lot?

A properly drafted prenuptial agreement, entered into with the informed consent of both spouses, is a reliable tool for protecting each spouse in the event of a divorce.

This does not mean that a prenuptial agreement is unassailable, or that every prenup can survive every challenge.

In general, judges can question or even vacate prenups that are too lopsided, or where one party did not have their own competent counsel to create informed consent.

A properly created prenuptial agreement can go a long ways toward protecting your financial wellbeing as well as your piece of mind when it comes to getting married.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino work with couples in Queens to create the most fair, even-handed prenuptial agreements, and make sure that every prenup meets the standards required to be enforceable if you should divorce.

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