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Can I Have A Conversion Divorce Even If My Spouse In Queens Won’t Sign The Papers?

If you’ve been legally separated for a year, and you’ve met the terms of the separation agreement, then you are able to convert the agreement into a divorce decree.

If your spouse objects, it will slow the process down, but ultimately your spouse won’t be able to force you to stay married.

When a divorce becomes contested, the best option is to find an experienced Queens divorce attorney to manage the process quickly and professionally.

An angry or reluctant spouse has numerous tools available to them to drag out the divorce, which can cost you financially and emotionally.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino have years of experience in identifying areas of conflict and finding creative solutions that can make your divorce easier and faster.

When the sides can’t agree to convert a separation agreement, we are some the most experienced matrimonial litigators in Queens.

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