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How Do I Contest A Divorce Action In Queens?

By filing a notice of appearance with the court and your spouse’s attorney, you indicate that you will be participating in the divorce, and not merely accepting the terms in your summons with notice or summons and complaint.

If you were served with a summons with notice, you’ll request a copy of the verified complaint.

If you were served with a summons and complaint, you’ll issue an answer to the complaint, which may include your own counterclaims.

While you are not legally required to retain counsel, having an attorney available to help you properly, and wisely, pursue your claims can help immensely.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we make sure that divorce settlements fairly represent our clients’ interests, and when matters can’t be resolved through negotiation, we provide tough litigation to get the best possible outcomes in their cases.

Don’t take chances with your financial future in a contested divorce.

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