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How Realistic Is It To Go For Shared Custody When My Spouse In Queens Objects?

While custody used to overwhelmingly go to the mother, in recent decades society and the courts have begun to better recognize the role of fathers and the importance of giving that relationship a higher priority in a child’s life.

Often, parents will begin the custody negotiation with one pursuing custody in a way that threatens to shut out the other parent, but they quickly realize that the situation has changed, and both parents are now expected to play a significant role in their children’s lives.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we help parents make the strongest possible case for shared custody within the framework of a strong agreement between the parties.

Co-parenting with an ex-spouse isn’t easy, but for parents willing to put their children’s interest above their own, it can create a strongly loving situation for the children.

As a parent, you have every right to pursue a custody agreement that fits the relationship you want to have with your child.

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