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What Are The Major Elements The Judge Will Consider In Our Queens Custody Dispute?

Judges consider a range of issues when deciding contested custody matters in Queens.

Some of more significant elements include the length of time the existing custody agreement has been in place (judges generally prefer to protect the child’s stability), each parent’s ability to provide for the child’s intellectual and emotional development, the strength of the home environment and the guidance and structure that each parent provides, the parental fitness of each parent, and the financial status of each parent and their ability to provide for the child.

All of these issues are, to one degree or another, subjective.

Your attorney will be able to make a case that accounts for any areas of deficit, or even presents them as strengths.

For instance, you may work part time and earn less than your spouse, but you also have the opportunity to be home when your children are done at school.

There are upsides to many common and uncommon scenarios, and an experienced Queens divorce and child custody attorney can make a big difference in how your case is presented.

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