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What If I Don’t Have Grounds To Divorce In Queens?

New York used to have strict requirements when it came to divorce, forcing couples who no longer wanted to be married to go to extreme lengths to prove a case against one party.
At that time, high standards of evidence and a limited number of grounds for divorce made the process difficult and expensive.

In 2010, the legislature undertook a large-scale reform of matrimonial and divorce law in the state, and since then, people have been able to obtain a divorce even if none of the previously existing grounds apply.

By introducing a no-fault ground, Irretrievable Breakdown, the legislature removed a significant hurdle to divorce, simplifying the process and allowing for a much more cost-effective divorce than before.

Under Irretrievable Breakdown, a divorce can be granted if one spouse attests that the marriage has been irretrievably broken for a period of six months or more.

You are no longer required to prove that your spouse engaged in misconduct, or admit to misconduct.

Irretrievable Breakdown is the ground to use when your marriage is over, but there’s been no adultery, cruelty, abuse, or abandonment.

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